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Thailand Property Experts is an established property investment company with many years of dedicated experience in the Pattaya Property Market. Our team of handpicked international property consultants are all highly experienced. By immersing themselves in the acquisition of in-depth and precise local knowledge we offer you the best impartial advice and direction when purchasing a property in Pattaya.

Our success, and ultimately our ethos, is enhanced by fruitful relationships with the most reputable developers in Pattaya, renowned for bringing premium quality, with a track record of consistency for constructing the best homes in the city. These properties are selected to meet the needs of our customers, acting as both an investment vehicle and a deeply rewarding lifestyle living experience. Our developer partners have outstanding and reliable reputations delivering multiple high-quality projects on time and to exact specifications.

What sets Thailand Property Experts apart from our competitors is we personally co-invest with most of our selected developers, enabling us to provide uniquely competitive prices and excellent 0% interest payment options. Our customers get the best of both worlds, buying directly from the developer for a price that is less than listed elsewhere. You are guaranteed the best offer price.

We invite you to peruse through our website to determine for yourself, that all the properties we have selected for our customers are the benchmark investment vehicles currently available.

To navigate our website, click on New Condo Developments for listings by project development. Our developments are located in the best locations in the city, which includes Jomtien, Pratumnak Hill, Wong Amat (North Pattaya), Pattaya Central, Pattaya South and East Pattaya. If you would prefer a more personal consultancy process such as price comparison, please contact us and we will attend to your questions promptly and without hesitation.

Buying Property in Pattaya

In an increasingly affluent globalized property market, millions of people contemplate the notion of purchasing a property in a perpetual sunny climate. Thailand is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, seamlessly combining a dream-like tropical environment with a dynamic real estate market. The attraction of owning a primary or secondary property are self-evident to those who have spotted the investment vehicle nature of overseas developments, with Pattaya being one of the most attractive profiles in South East Asia.

One of the primary reasons for this explosive growth is the tourism market in Pattaya has mushroomed exponentially, with many visitors choosing to spend their vacation time here on a more regular basis. Pattaya is the closest international destination from the new Suvarnabhumi Airport, conveniently reached in a mere hour and forty five minutes by road, making it an attractive weekend escape for Bangkok residents, both foreign and Thai. Property prices have not surpassed inflation as volume has risen commensurate with market demands. This makes Pattaya one of the more shrewd investment decisions in this part of the world.

Pattaya is the Future

We're excited by the Pattaya and Jomtien region. This emerging property hotspot has become a centre of attention for global property buyers because of its proximity to the sea, international lifestyle and tremendous growth potential. The return on investment (ROI) for property owners are among the most dynamic in Thailand and South East Asia. The quality standards of our developers are international and it is for this reason that buyers and investors all over the world are increasingly focussing their attention on this hotspot of tropical living.


TOP 4 Pattaya Properties for Sale

Take a look at this weeks’ 4 most popular properties in Pattaya! These condominiums have seen high interest in our top investor base because of their unbeatable price, location, and value!

Arcadia Beach Resort
South Pattaya Condo For Sale

Arcadia Beach Resort south Pattaya Condo For Sale
price condo for sale Pattaya


Completion date: December 2016

Savanna Sands
Jomtien Condo For Sale

Venezian Na Jomtien Condo For Sale
price condo for sale Pattaya


Completion date: First Quarter 2016

Sea Saran
Bang Saray For Sale

Sea Saran Condo for Sale
THB 999,000


Completion date: first quarter of 2016

Pattaya Property News

Thailand Property Experts congratulates partner and Pattaya’s leading developer “Heights Holdings” with the launch of their 19th development. This newly launched development will be their latest and already third release in the Arcadia Brand series.More information..

Pattaya Property HOW-TO Guide

Please find below our FREE & easy to use guides on the key tools needed to make smart and valuable investments in property in Pattaya.

Step-by-step Service

We provide our international buyers with an excellent step-by-step service through the entire process of purchase. We believe in maximum involvement throughout. Rely on our years of experience to guide you to the property of your dreams.

Our extensive knowledge of the local market is second to none. We operate in Pattaya and Jomtien but we also have offices in other countries. This allows us to provide our services in different languages such as English, German, Dutch, French and Spanish.


All new Condos for sale Pattaya

Condo for sale Pattaya - Pratumnak

THB 2,000,000
Completion date:

1Tower Condo for sale Pattaya This luxurious 20-storey condominium development in Pratumnak Hill, Pattaya, is…

Condo for sale Jomtien

THB 1,240,000
Completion date:

Acqua condo for sale Pattaya Situated in the hills of Chaweng Noi, Acqua impresses with…

Condo for sale Jomtien

THB 2,500,000
Completion date:

Aeras condo for sale Pattaya A remarkable combination of nature’s most gracious elements, air and…

Amari Residence
Condo for sale Pattaya - Pratumnak

Amari Residence
THB 5,999,000
Completion date:

Amari Residence condo for sale Pattaya Built on the Pratumnak hillside, the Amari Residence is…

Amaya Hill
Condo for sale Pattaya - East

Amaya Hill
THB 7,690,000
Completion date:

Amaya Hill condo for sale Pattaya Built on over 26 rai of lakeside land in…

Amazon Resort
Condo for sale Jomtien

Amazon Resort
THB 1,590,000
Completion date:

Amazon Resort condo for sale pattaya A project developed by Matrix-Iguana, the Amazon Resort in…

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Quick Inquiry

Foreign or Thai ownership?

Foreigners can purchase condominium in Thailand. Buying a condominium, is the simplest and most popular form of purchase by a foreigner in Thailand. Under Thai law, 49% of the internal area of a condo building development, excluding common ares, can be assigned to be owned by foreigners.

In order to make the purchase of a condominium, foreigners are required to transfer funds from overseas with funds denominated in foreign currency. More information click here


Pattaya Property HOW-TO Guide

Understanding EIA for buying a Condo in Pattaya

When you are interested in buying a Pattaya condo, there are a number of things you often need to keep in mind in order to have an easier time going about it. A very good example of this is the EIA of the building. EIA stands for Environmental Impact Assessment, and is a measure of the impact that a particular development has on the environment. When you are interested in buying a condo in Pattaya, making sure that you understand this concept is an important step that will help you find the best value for money. It will also help you avoid most of the problems that might be associated with buying a home that does not conform to the right standards.

Must all condos pass the EIA inspection?

The EIA can be used for all developments, but there are a few types that legally have to pass this assessment before the plans for building them are authorized. Some of these include:

  • Buildings that are more than 23 meters in height.
  • Buildings that cover more than 10,000 square meters.
  • Buildings that are located close to lakes, rivers, natural parks or historical sites.
What are the risks that are associated with buying a home that is not EIA certified?

If the home does not conform to any of the above, then not having any EIA certification will not have a huge impact on the ownership of the home. Still, it’s always a good idea to make sure that by the time you buy the home, you have understood all the implications of doing so, even the environmental ones.

If you buy a condo in Pattaya that is supposed to pass the EIA and it turns out that it has not, there are a number of consequences you might have to live with. For instance, you may be required to make the necessary changes to the condo in order to make it conform to the EIA. This might turn out to be very expensive.

Always watch out for this

This means that when you are looking for a Pattaya condo for sale, you should always try to make sure that the EIA status is okay. This usually means first finding out if the condo you are looking at should legally pass the EIA. If it does, you should then demand to see the papers that show that it has. Once you are satisfied, you can then buy the condo without much of a hassle.

If you need more information

If you buy a Pattaya condo from a realtor of high quality, chances are that they will have made sure that all the above are sorted out. However, it’s still important to understand the legal applications and implications of the EIA so that you don’t get caught out later on. If you are in doubt about anything, you can find more information about this concept from a number of sources. These include from the realtor you are buying from, to the relevant ministry department but I am sure you ill find it easier to just ay your condo realtor about it.

Legal process for buying a condo in Pattaya

You need to know the correct legal process in Thailand for a foreigner to acquire property. Therefor we always like to sit down with you and discuss the whole buying and legal process before we start selecting any option for you.

Review of Contracts

When you have decided which property you want to buy the first step will be reserving this unit. This will be done by a small deposit, which will hold the unit and discussed price in your name. The Developer will than prepare the contracts with you. Thailand Property Experts want to protect your interest and therefor we highly recommend reviewing the terms and conditions together with you. If you also would like to have a lawyer or solicitor to review the contract we can always advise you to reliable lawyers here in Pattaya.

Buying a Condo in Thai Company Name

Can a foreigner buy a condo 100% freehold basis in their name in Thailand?

The most common question asked by buyers interested in buying property in Thailand is, “Do I have to form a Thai company in order to own freehold property?’ And the answer would be “No” it is now possible for foreigners to buy condominiums 100% freehold basis in their own names.

How does it work and are there any restrictions?

The one major restriction for the developer of condominiums is that they are only able to sell a maximum of 49% of the available units to foreigners; the other 51% can only be sold to Thai nationals. When considering which condominium project to buy into, it is important to ensure that the 49% allocation for foreigners has not been reached yet if you choose to only buy Foreign owned.

So why do some foreigners choose to buy in Thai Company?

In case of some developments, developers offer better prices and payment terms than they offer to foreigners. Making it more attractive to buy in Thai Company.

The main question would be is it safe to buy property in Thai company? There is a massive gulf between the theory and what actually happens in practice. Despite all opinions and ongoing discussions, Yes it is safe.

“Every day foreigners are buying real estate by forming Thai Companies of which they own 49% of the shares, with the remaining 51% being owned by nominee shareholders who are Thai citizens.”

“No one has ever heard of any foreigner who lost their property as a result of buying it via Thai company!”

Although foreigners can only hold 49% of the shares in a Thai company, they are able to be the sole director with up to 100% of the voting rights through their holding preference shares. This would make it impossible for anyone other than the foreign owner to make any decision affecting the company. In addition, the foreigner usually keeps hold of the share certificates for all of the nominee shareholders.

This situation leaves the nominee shareholders without the means to take any actions affecting the company without the consent of the foreign shareholder who controls the certificates.

Another layer of protection can be added by asking the nominee shareholders to sign documents agreeing to sell their shares for a token amount to an unnamed person. With such a document, the foreigner would be able to fill in the date and details of the new shareholder at some future point in time. Also you will be protected under the World Trade Organization. So international laws will apply to your company.

When you choose to buy in Thai Company it is still 100% Freehold, so you can still put this company in your will of testament to you loved ones. Setting up a Thai company is a simple procedure which will take you around one hour at a Thai law firm that will set up such a company for you for a sum of around THB 35,000 (plus 7% VAT). There will then be an annual recurring cost of around THB 15,000 (plus 7% VAT) to keep the company active and to take care of all the technicalities, including the required submission of a set of annual accounts.

What if I want to sell the property that I bought in Thai Company?

In practice a property that is bought foreign owned will sell easier than property bought in Thai Company. An advantage in selling Thai company owned property is that you do not have to go to the land office to pay taxes. You just use a lawyer to change the director and the buyer can pay any way you would like. The law firm will charge around THB 10,000 (plus 7% VAT) for changing the director of you Thai company.

If selling your Foreign owned property a fee of 2 percent will be charged based on the value of the property transferred as appraised by the land office regardless of actual price.

How to Buy a Condo in Pattaya

People are looking to buy a condo in Pattaya for numerous reasons like, having friends who already own property in Thailand. Also many of us have a Thai partner who would like to have a place of her own when visiting Thailand.

Buying a condo in Pattaya could be a good investment as long as you know how to do it. Remember that you are spending part of your life savings to acquire this property and you must carefully plan your steps in the process.

Since you will be looking for property in a foreign country you need expert local assistance. Thailand Property Experts knows the market well and we're familiar with the geographical area.

We will save you valuable time and money in selecting and showing you the property in your price range that meets your needs. Purchasing directly from the developer isn't going to save you money as compared to buying true Thailand Property Experts.

A quality condo for sale in Thailand is generally offered at a fixed price, because Thailand Property Experts personally invest in the developments we are able to give a lower price than listed by the developers. Another benefit of Thailand Property Experts is that they we will act as a liaison between you and the Developer. We will obtain the best possible price and Payment Plan for you and act on your behalf to represent your best interests throughout the entire process.