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Condominium 1

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Project Details

  • Project Name Condominium 1
  • Amount Buildings 1
  • Amount Units 29
  • Amount Floors 3
  • Built Year 2018

Project Description

The New Nordic Coral Beach Condominiums is divided into four buildings. The buildings 1, 2 and 3 are 3 story buildings, and the 4th is with 5 stories. The first building is located only 150 meters from the beach and the rest only from 200-500 meters from the beach. All buildings are in a Thai/Colonial style and have units from studios up to 2 bedrooms and all in different sizes. All buildings have elevators and are fully equipped, decorated and furnished. There are CCTV cameras in the hallways and there will be fiber optic internet in all units, together with TV and entertainment systems. The environmental part is also taken care of, and we will not allow any wastewater to go into the ocean. It is going to be a fully equipped “green environment” all over.  

Rental Guarantee condition:

Special promotion 8% NET rental guarantee.

Terms offered of 3, 5, 10, 15 or 20 years.

NO monthly water fee, NO electricity fee, NO repair bills to pay.


Buy Back Option:

3 years: Guaranteed Buy-Back is available at 105% of the original purchase.

5 years: Guaranteed Buy-Back is available at 110% of the original purchase.

10 years: Guaranteed Buy-Back is available at 120% of the original purchase.

15 years: Guaranteed Buy-Back is available at 130% of the original purchase.

20 years: Guaranteed Buy-Back is available at 140% of the original purchase.


Payment Terms:

50,000 baht reservation deposit.

35% upon signing the Purchase Contract (within 30 days from the signature of Reservation Agreement).

20% upon commencement of piling.

15% upon commencement of structure.

20% upon roof structure completion.

10% upon handover.

If payment made in full, the investor receives a full 10% ROI over the course of construction.


Other Owner benefits:

- Discounted rates on a stay at any of the project locations around southeast Asia.

Property Features

Entertaining Features

  • Shops and massages

Building Features

  • 150 meter from the beach
  • 24-hour information desk and reception
  • Freehold & Leasehold
  • IT support
  • Parking area
  • Transport service
  • City: Coral Beach Chumphon

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