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Grand Avenue
Central Pattaya

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Units for Sale in Grand Avenue

TPE-32293: Studio Grand Avenue for Sale

฿ 5.220


Accsmarket sqm

Floor: Accsmarket



TPE-32252: 4834 Bedroom Grand Avenue for Sale

฿ 56.943

4834 Bedroom

atajogup sqm

Floor: 5653


TPE-32045: 1 Bedroom Grand Avenue for Sale

฿ 2.950.000

1 Bedroom

51 sqm

Floor: 1

Pool access


TPE-32043: 1 Bedroom Grand Avenue for Sale

฿ 3.550.000

1 Bedroom

47 sqm

Floor: 6

Pool View


TPE-5757: 1 Bedroom Grand Avenue for Sale

฿ 4.700.000

1 Bedroom

46.9 sqm

Floor: 6

Pool View


Project Details

  • Project Name Grand Avenue
  • Amount Buildings 6
  • Amount Units 780
  • Amount Floors 8
  • EIA Yes
  • Built Year 2018

Project Description

Grand Avenue

A project commenced by Tulip Group, a developer that currently ranks 8th in the world in this category and with over 1,000 constructions spread across 40 countries, the Gand Avenue's over 11 rai of a central property provides visitors and residents with a breathtaking view of the surrounding tropical islands and beaches. The fully furnished condominiums in Pattaya's grandiose 8-building complex contain an astounding number of top-notch services, air conditioning, and all the space one would ever require. Luxurious and sophisticated, the Gand Avenue is by far one of the developer's most daring projects, but you can expect the very same standards in excellence as the other resorts under its tutelage.

Apartment Types

The condo complex situated on Soi 15, at the rear of the Avenue Shopping Mall, contains the following types of apartments:
  • 1-bedroom apartments measuring between 36 and 72 sqm
  • 2-bedroom condos measuring between 55 and 88 sqm

Proximity to Pattaya Attractions

The central location of the Gand Avenue confers the residents of this condo complex the advantage of never being more than a couple of minutes away from the Pattaya beach, the Avenue Shopping Mall, restaurants and bars in central Pattaya. The famous Walking Street is also just a 3-minute drive away.

Property Features

Entertaining Features

  • 4 Jacuzzis
  • Kids Club and Games Room
  • pool bar
  • Resort Style Swimming Pool
  • Sauna & Steam-room
  • Water Park
  • waterfalls
  • Yoga Zone

Building Features

  • Fitness Centers
  • Full Hotel Management
  • Glass Elevators
  • Library and Lounge
  • Luxurious Lobby & Reception
  • Roof Gardens
  • Underground parking
  • City: Pattaya
  • Neighborhood: central-pattaya

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Grand Avenue

Grand Avenue

Building A 1st Floor

Building A 2nd-4th-6th-8th Floor

Building A 3rd-5th-7th Floor

Building B 1st Floor

Building B 2nd-4th-6th-8th Floor

Building B 3rd-5th-7th Floor

Building C 1st Floor

Building C 2nd-4th-6th-8th Floor

Building C 3rd-5th-7th Floor

Building D 1st Floor

Building D 2nd-4th-6th-8th Floor

Building D 3rd-5th-7th Floor

Building E 1st Floor

Building E 2nd-4th-6th-8th Floor

Building E 3rd-5th-7th Floor

Building F 1st Floor

Building F 2nd-4th-6th-8th Floor

Building F 3rd-5th-7th Floor

Grand Avenue

Building A 1BR Type A1

Building A 1BR Type A2

Building A 1BR Type A3

Building A 1BR Type A4

Building A 2BR Type B1

Building A 2BR Type B2

Building A 2BR Type B3

Building B 1BR Type A1

Building B 1BR Type A2

Building B 1BR Type A3

Building B 1BR Type A4

Building B 1BR Type A5

Building B 1BR Type A6

Building B 1BR Type A7

Building B 1BR Type A8

Building B 1BR Type A9

Building B 2BR Type B1

Building B 2BR Type B2

Building B 2BR Type B3

Building C 1BR Type A1

Building C 1BR Type A2

Building C 1BR Type A3

Building C 1BR Type A4

Building C 1BR Type A5

Building C 1BR Type A6

Building C 1BR Type A7

Building C 2BR Type B1

Building C 2BR Type B2

Building C 2BR Type B3

Building C 2BR Type B4

Building C 2BR Type B5

Building D 1BR Type A1

Building D 1BR Type A2

Building D 1BR Type A3

Building D 1BR Type A4

Building D 1BR Type A5

Building D 2BR Type B1

Building D 2BR Type B2

Building E 1BR Type A1

Building E 1BR Type A2

Building E 1BR Type A3

Building E 1BR Type A4

Building E 1BR Type A5

Building E 1BR Type A6

Building E 1BR Type A7

Building E 1BR Type A8

Building E 2BR Type B1

Building E 2BR Type B4

Building E 2BR Type B5

Building F 1BR Type A1

Building F 1BR Type A2

Building F 1BR Type A3

Building F 1BR Type A4

Building F 1BR Type A5

Building F 1BR Type A6

Building F 1BR Type A7

Building F 1BR Type A8

Building F 2BR Type B1

Building F 2BR Type B2

Building F 2BR Type B3

Building F 2BR Type B4

Building F 2BR Type B5

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