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Riviera Wong Amat
Naklua Wongamat

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Units for Sale in Riviera Wong Amat

TPE-30636: 1 Bedroom Riviera Wong Amat for Sale

฿ 7.400.000

1 Bedroom

53 sqm

Floor: 30



TPE-29783: 1 Bedroom Riviera Wong Amat for Sale

฿ 5.670.000

1 Bedroom

50 sqm

Floor: 4

Sea/Pool view


TPE-29779: 1 Bedroom Riviera Wong Amat for Sale

฿ 4.500.000

1 Bedroom

35 sqm

Floor: 13

sea view


TPE-24097: 1 Bedroom Riviera Wong Amat for Sale

฿ 4.260.000

1 Bedroom

35 sqm

Floor: 7

Pool view


TPE-24095: 1 Bedroom Riviera Wong Amat for Sale

฿ 4.350.000

1 Bedroom

35.8 sqm

Floor: 27

Sea View


TPE-24092: 1 Bedroom Riviera Wong Amat for Sale

฿ 3.570.000

1 Bedroom

32 sqm

Floor: 8

Pool View


TPE-23505: 2 Bedroom Riviera Wong Amat for Sale

฿ 10.000.000

2 Bedroom

84 sqm

Floor: 5

Sea/Pool view


TPE-23139: 2 Bedroom Riviera Wong Amat for Sale

฿ 14.500.000

2 Bedroom

78 sqm

Floor: 31

sea view


TPE-23138: Studio Riviera Wong Amat for Sale

฿ 4.300.000


31 sqm

Floor: 10

Sea View


Project Details

  • Project Name Riviera Wong Amat
  • Amount Buildings 2
  • Amount Units 980
  • Amount Floors 43
  • Land Size 13106
  • EIA Yes
  • Built Year 2013

Project Description

The Riviera Wongamat Beach

Comprising of two towers shining like pearls against the blue sky, The Riviera is a high-rise condominium project developed in one of the most exclusive areas of Pattaya – Wongamat. Featuring interiors and furbishing especially designed by Making-A-Scene, you can expect to find luxurious and modern interiors that can maintain their practicality and functionality. With 95% of the units allowing a sea view, the Riviera is also the condominium of choice for anyone who wants a taste of the glamorous lifestyle that only this picturesque environment can bring.

Apartment Types

The condo units available at The Riviera are fully furbished and include the following options:
  • Studio: 27 – 31 sqm.
  • 1-Bedroom apartment: 35– 50 sqm.
  • 2-Bedroom apartment: 70– 84 sqm.
  • 3-Bedroom apartment: 129 – 134 sqm.

Proximity to Pattaya attractions

The magnificent estate is situated in one of the most luxurious areas of Pattaya, just only 250 meters away from Wongamat Beach. The region is popular for its excellent beaches, but there are numerous other attractions in the area, including the famous wooden-structure known as the Sanctuary of Truth, and the charming Na Klua region. You are also just minutes away from the central part of Pattaya where many attractions can be found such as Walking Street and the big shopping mall, Central Festival Pattaya.  

Property Features

Entertaining Features

  • 37m wide swimming pool
  • Extensive recreational area
  • Hotel styled drop-off area’s
  • Kids’ club & children’s playground
  • Multi-level sun-deck areas
  • Various children’s pools
  • Water sliders

Building Features

  • 31st floor private sky garden with sala’s
  • Extensive fitness room with sky views
  • Floating pavilions & sala’s
  • Large open green areas
  • Lush tropical landscaping
  • Open air resort styled lobby
  • Private elevated garden areas
  • City: Pattaya
  • Neighborhood: naklua-wongamat

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Riviera Wong Amat

Riviera Wong Amat

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NT 5th-23rd Floor

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NT 30th-40th Floor

Riviera Wong Amat

1BR Type B-1B-1

1BR Type B-1C

2BR Type B-2B-1

Studio Type B-SB

Studio Type B-SC

1BR Type A-1A-1

1BR Type A-1B

2BR Type A-2A

Studio Type A-1-A2

Studio Type A-SA-1

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